Web Online Ordering Platform For Grocery Business

A powerful ordering platform for your customers to place the orders through your website

Web Online Ordering Platform For Grocery Business

Get A Responsive Website Online Ordering Portal For Your Customers

Receive more orders and Increase your business revenue.

Utilize our web & mobile app based online ordering system to expand your grocery selling business on digitized platforms and track the business grow proportion from the report. Make a wave of your grocery products and promote it.

Our application helps easily to choose the items from the categorized product list. Upgrade your website potential and It helps to get recorded on long range social networking to make sure that you are on the spot. Our online ordering system is user friendly with a secured system and it includes simple checkout options for each and every customer.

Features of Website Ordering System

Make it easy for your customers and Just accept the orders from your own website and apps.

Order Receiving App

Benefits Of Using Ordering System For Customers

  • It helps customers to save their travel time instead of going to the stores.
  • It is not necessary to stand in a queue for the customers to buy their products
  • The most easiest way for the customers to place orders from anytime at any place
  • Customers can pick their order by single click and easily track their order
  • There are multiple ways to pay for the order

Benefits Of Using Ordering System For Stores

  • You will have more control and manageability for your brand.
  • You do not have to rely on any third party aggregation applications.
  • It is not necessary to open the notebooks to check the cash flow & orders
  • You can manage & control the orders with greater accuracy and improve profitability
  • It helps to avoid congestion in your store
Online grocery ordering app

How does our Grobino work?


Customers can search grocery items through a name or categories based listed products, after that way customers can choose the groceries they want.


Admin and customers can track the driver agents in using a real-time GPS tracking location, so this will let the customers know about their order status and delivery updates.


Once the delivery boy arrives, the customer can choose the payment mode options like COD, Credit or Debit card etc.,