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Looking for an application similar to Grofers clone? Grobino is ready to offer online grocery shopping and delivery software with features similar to Grofers clone. Today Online grocery shopping and delivery is one of the fastest moving businesses in recent times and it enjoys a great demand. This high demand can only be met by a cutting-edge solution. Businesses don’t have time to build this grocery delivery app from scratch, so they are looking for ready-made grofers clone script apps to get into this lucrative niche solution to start business immediately. It could be the best decision you've ever made because it can be completely personalised and launched in just a few business days. We are ready to provide customized Grofers clone solutions for your online grocery ordering and delivery business, you can include features and functionality according to your business needs. With our Grofers clone script , give your customers the best user-friendly shopping experience. We have highly skilled designers and developers, to make Grofers clone script a high performance app. And our grofers clone app has easy customizable solutions, we can add any features and functionalities according to your business needs and also our grofers clone script is white-label solutions. We provide complete end to end solutions for your grocery business, our grofers clone comes with web apps for customers, admin and vendors, mobile apps for customers and vendors, drivers.

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Major Features of Our Grofers Clone Script App

Our Grofers clone, Allow your customers to shop their grocery items in the most convenient way of online platforms, without having any hurdles. You can launch your own grocery store similar to Grofers clone. We have all features to kick start your grocery business. Grobino is ready to provide you with a customized solution as well. Grofers clone is one such application that makes your grocery ordering and delivery business easy. Our Grofers clone includes all the below major features.


The store manager manages the categories, subcategories, items / products price in their stores in an appropriate manner.

Seamless payment options

In our Grofers clone script, we can integrate multiple payment methods such as COD, credit etc according to their business requirements.

Real-time tracking

The real time tracking is used to find the exact location of the respective customer in a consistent manner via Grofer clone.

Order & Delivery Management

The management tools enhances the hierarchy of tasks and activities of the business in an efficient way.

Analytical reports

Our Grofers clone script offers quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate the business growth and performance.

Route optimization

Our Grofers clone script supports route optimization by which the fastest and shortest route for the desired location can be achieved.

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Features of Grofers clone for customer app - Web and mobile application

Online grocery ordering app
  • Login In our Grofers clone, the customer can login / register to the app by using the email ID, phone number or the social media accounts.
  • Nearby store The customers can surf and check for the available nearby stores listed in the application.
  • Place the order After browning the products / items they want, the customer can pay and place the order.
  • Track orders Customers can track their order status in the Grofers clone application once the order is accepted by the store manager.

Features of Grofers clone for admin panel - Web app

  • Dashboard The admin manages all the ongoing activities taking place through the single powerful admin panel in Grofers clone application.
  • Manage orders The admin manages the order details such as updating, cancelling, delivered etc in an appropriate manner.
  • Push notifications - The admin updates the infos such as order completion, payments, assigning drivers through the push notifications.
  • Payment reports The admin manages and maintains each payment transactions in a safe and secured manner.
Online grocery ordering admin panel

Features of Grofers clone for vendor app - Web and mobile app

  • Registration The store operator can register their grocery store to the list on the app and login using their credentials.
  • Manage informationsThe store operator can manage their information such as the product / item availability, items etc on the Grofers clone app.
  • Accept / reject the order The store manager can either accept or reject the incoming order request according to their convenience.
  • Add or delete items The store manager can either add or delete the items from their end accordingly.
Online grocery ordering system for groceries
Online grocery ordering system for groceries
  • Manage inventoryThe inventory can be managed by integrating the third party tools into the Grofers clone application.
  • Instant notification The store manager can notify order related stuff to the customers through the instant notification.
  • Customer support The support team is available 24x7 to provide full support and assistance to our fortune customers.
  • Accept / reject the orders The store operator can accept / reject the incoming order request according to their convenience.

Features of Grofers clone for delivery staff - Mobile app

  • Login The delivery staff can login or register to the Grofers clone app by using their email ID & password.
  • Profile setup The delivery staff can set up their profile by entering the basic details such as name, address, phone number, & email ID.
  • Manage ordersThe delivery staff manages all the incoming order request in a efficient and timely manner in our Grofers clone app.
  • Accept / Deny the order - The delivery staff can accept or reject the incoming order request from their end according to their preferences.
Online grocery delivery app
  • Geo location The Geo location enables the delivery staff to find the exact location of the customer and deliver the order.
  • Access to optimal routes The delivery staff finds the shortest and fastest route by optimizing the desired location.
  • Track pickup locations By using the navigator app, the pickup location can be tracked in a consistent manner.
  • Feedbacks The customer uploads the feedback in the app once the delivery staff delivers the order to his / her location.

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Sit back and relax. Our technical team will take care of the entire installation process and set up the Grofers clone application for you.

Yes, we provide you with customized Grofers clone white labelled solutions that can be integrated according to your business requirements.

You are the one and only owner of the Grofers clone source code. We only host the application on the server side.

Yes, we can integrate multiple payment methods such as COD, credit / debit card, UPI payment, netbanking etc in our Grofers clone application according to your convenience.

Yes, the Grofers clone app is highly customizable loded with top-notch features and functionalities.

We assist you in launching the Grofers clone app in all platforms such as google play store, apple play store and also in your company’s server.

We provide our support and assistance anytime. So don't worry we will not leave you as such even after your final release.

The development cost of Grofers clone application completely depends on the scope, requirement, features, functionality of the project.