Online Grocery Delivery Software & System For Branch Manager

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Branch Application For Grocery Business

Grobino, our online grocery sorting software, allows you to manage a grocery business with multiple branches (sellers). Each branch manager has an application, which allows branch managers to manage their customer's online orders and deliveries and also manage their items and generate the reports, revenues.

Grocery orders
  • Branch Profile

    Set your branch profile details in this field, ability to view profile, edit profile or change the profile password.

  • Attribute Management

    Sell your Grocery Items in different quantities under a single item menu (kgs, ls, mls) using our Attribute Management. This will assist the customer to choose the grocery items quickly and correctly in our application.

  • Stock Management

    It enables you to handle stock displays with efficient inventory management, expiration, re-ordering and dump stock management.

  • Order Status

    Branch manager also can confirm and reject the customers placed orders.

  • Items Management

    This item management guide will help you create and manage items within tract to begin the buying and ordering process.