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Launch your prominent online grocery delivery platform with highly scalable BigBasket clone apps that offers inclusive features and functionalities

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BigBasket Clone Script App

Customizable on-demand grocery delivery software for your business

Grobino has a ready-made on-demand grocery ordering and delivery app like BigBasket. Our bigbasket clone script that can be customized according to your business needs. The BigBasket clone script offers attractive key components and white labelled solutions. The BigBasket clone app is flexible for both the web and mobile (android & iOS) platforms. The app like BigBasket clone is highly beneficial and cost-effective for the large or small scale businesses, entrepreneurs who wish to start their own online grocery delivery businesses

Our BigBasket clone script lets the grocery business professionals streamline their business in a simplified way. BigBasket clone app offers end to end support along with cutting-edge technologies. Our BigBasket clone app is designed in a user-friendly way in order to enhance the experience of the customers in a better way. The BigBasket clone script is created with the objective of delivering the grocery essentials to the customer’s doorstep in a hassle free manner with real-time tracking system

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Productive Bigbasket clone app for your grocery business

BigBasket clone app is one of the most profitable online grocery delivery apps. Almost millions of people use the online grocery delivery apps like BigBasket to make their orders online and get it delivered right away to their doorstep.

Online grocery delivery apps like BigBasket clone app enriches the vendors to sell their grocery products directly to their valuable customers in an appropriate manner. These e-commerce grocery platforms like BigBasket clone app enables the business to gain more visibility due to its online presence and ensures customer’s retention.

What do we offer in our BigBasket clone app packages?

We provide your below listed application in your own brand name with multi-featured incorporates multiple deliverables and functionalities

  • Customer App Android
  • Customer App Web
  • Customer App iOS
  • Vendor App Android
  • Vendor App Web
  • Vendor App iOS
  • Delivery Staff Mobile App
  • Admin Dashboard

Why should you prefer to buy the BigBasket clone script from us?

Features of BigBasket Clone For Customer App

The BigBasket clone for customer app is compatible with both the web and mobile platforms. The customer can easily login to the BigBasket clone app by providing the credentials and then place the order according to their necessity.

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  • Profile setup

    Customer can easily set up their profile using an email, phone number and social accounts

  • Search and filter option

    User can search for the necessary grocery item in the BigBasket clone app

  • Check for nearby store

    The customer can check for the nearby available grocery store to place the order

  • Schedule delivery

    The customer can also schedule the delivery for later according to their preference time

  • Payment mode

    The customer can choose their convenient mode of payment method offered

  • Order history

    The customer can check for the previous ordered with date and time in this section

  • Real -time tracker

    User can track the status of the order anytime with the help of the real time tracker

  • Ratings and reviews

    The customer can provide their ratings and feedback about the service provided or quality

Features of BigBasket Clone For Admin Panel

The admin takes care of the entire operations in the BigBasket clone app. The admin monitors and maintains all the customer profile, single or multiple vendors grocery stores in an appropriate manner.

  • Dashboard

    Admin monitors and manages all the ongoing activities in an appropriate manner.

  • Manage vendors

    The admin backend panel makes it simple to manage many vendors.

  • Manage customers

    Admin can simply handle the consumer data through the admin panel.

  • Manage categories

    The admin can create as many categories and subcategories as they like.

  • Analytical reports

    Business stats reports can be generated weekly or monthly by the administrator

  • Ratings and reviews

    The admin manages the ratings and reviews uploaded by the customer

  • Commission fee

    The admin can setup each and every commission in a safe and secured manner

  • CMS setting

    Admin can add and modify their website contents and sites changes

Features of BigBasket clone for delivery staff

The delivery staff delivers the respective orders to the customer’s location by accessing the optimal routes. Some of the major features of the BigBasket clone app for delivery app is listed below

Bigbasket clone delivery app
  • Profile setup

    The delivery staff can sign in or sign up to the BigBasket clone app by providing the credentials

  • Accept or reject request

    The delivery staff can accept or reject the incoming delivery request according to their preferences

  • Order details

    Delivery request is confirmed the driver gets the customers order details

  • Geo location

    The delivery staff can find the exact location of the respective customers by using the Geo location

  • Access optimal routes

    The delivery delivers the orders to the customers by accessing the shortest and fastest route

  • Feedbacks

    The customers upload their feedbacks regarding the service provided or any suggestions etc

Features of BigBasket clone app for vendor app

The vendor can directly sell their grocery products or items to the customer with the help of the blockbuster BigBasket clone app. Some of the major features of the BigBasket clone app for the vendor app is listed below

  • Store details

    Vendors manages the store details such as name, location, phone number, working hours etc

  • Availability time

    With a single tap, the store can turn on/off their availability working hours.

  • Manage products

    Store owners can manages the grocery products or items in an efficient way

  • Manage categories

    Store can update and maintains the products categories and sub-categories in this

  • Manage orders

    The vendor manages all the incoming orders in a streamline way without any disruptions

  • Accept or reject the order

    The grocery store manager can either accept or reject the incoming order request according to their convenience

  • Push notifications

    The vendor can notifies the customers about the orders, discounts and offers etc

  • Manage inventory

    Stores can manage their inventories by integrating the third party tools into the app

bigbasket clone vendor app

Build your on-demand grocery delivery software to streamline your business

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Frequently asked questions

Although we have offered multiple features and functionalities in our BigBasket clone app, we could completely understand that lots and lots of inquiries are bothering your mind. So, we have provided some FAQs for your reference

Will you provide white labelled solutions in your BigBasket clone?

Yes, we do provide white labelled solutions along with customized features and functionalities in our BigBasket clone app

Yes, the BigBasket clone app is highly customizable. The BigBasket clone app can be customized according to your business requirements

You are the one and only owner of the BigBasket clone script source code. We only host the application on the server side

Yes, we do provide our full support and assistance anytime even after launching the BigBasket clone app

The BigBasket clone app be launched on all major platforms such as google play store, android play store and also in your company’s server

We can integrate multiple payment methods in or BigBasket clone app according to your business requirements