Get online grocery ordering & delivery software for your grocery business. We deliver both the web & mobile for customer and delivery boy.
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Happyfresh Clone Script For The Supermarket Business

Launch your own on demand grocery ordering and delivery software with Happyfresh clone app. Grobino offers a white labelled and customized solutions with a user-friendly platform.


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Mobile Ordering Application For Grocery Business

Profitable Happyfresh Clone App For Your Grocery Ordering and Delivery Business

Our Happyfresh clone script lets you start your advanced online grocery ordering and delivery business. Today the online grocery ordering and delivery app is emerging its growth in this digital era. So every business needs to adopt their grocery system to run a successful business. In this case we provide grocery apps like Happyfresh. It helps to automate their grocery business easily. Startups and entrepreneurs can start a single or multi-vendor grocery marketplace with our Happyfresh clone. Building a grocery delivery app for your business will provide you with numerous advantages. Customers, grocery store and supermarket owners all benefit from one online app solutions for grocery delivery since they save time and reduce the burden of solving problems to their concerns. Our HappyFresh clone script is designed in a simplified way, so the customers can order their groceries online from the nearest store and get it delivered right to their doorstep. Happyfresh clone app is adaptable with both the web and mobile platforms.

App Deliverables of Happyfresh Clone Script

  • Admin
    In our Happyfresh clone script, Admin is provided with a web backend panel. Allowing to manage the complete ordering and delivery operations.
  • Single / Multiple vendor
    An order receiving app is provided for single or multiple vendors to manage their grocery store. Each vendor is provided with a separate login panel.
  • Customers
    Our Happyfresh clone offers customers with front end panel support on web and mobile apps. Providing a best user friendly.
  • Delivery staff
    Delivery staff are provided with a delivery app. The complete delivery operations are managed by delivery staff in our Happyfresh clone.

How Does The Happyfresh Clone App Work?

Happyfresh Clone App For Customer App - Web and Mobile App

The customer can sign up or register to the Happyfresh clone app by using their credentials and place the order from the nearest grocery store either through the web, ios or android platform. The store manager and the admin gets consistent alert notifications for every incoming order request from the customers. Let your customers explore the wide range of features in Happyfresh clone application.

  • Signup or register
  • Surf for nearby store
  • Schedule delivery
  • Order history
  • Live tracking
  • My account
  • Easy checkout process
  • Reviews and ratings
Online grocery ordering app

Happyfresh Clone App For Admin Panel - Web App

Happyfresh clone’s admin manages and maintains all the ongoing activities in the Grocery ordering and delivery application. In our Happyfresh clone script, The admin monitors all the payment transactions, orders, reviews and also sends instant push notifications to the customers about the orders etc through email or sms. The admin maintains a proper report about the business statistics. The key features of the Happyfresh clone admins panel are as follows

  • Dashboard
  • Manage orders
  • Manage customers
  • Instant alert notifications
  • Manage vendors
  • Manage drivers
  • Inventory management
  • Payment transactions
  • Promotional codes
  • Analytical reports
  • Ratings and reviews
Online grocery ordering  admin panel

Happyfresh Clone App For Vendor App - Web and Mobile App

Online grocery ordering system for grocery shop

In our Happyfresh clone app the vendors can easily register their store to the list in the application and sell their products / items through the single medium. The vendor can manage their products categories and subcategories in an appropriate manner. Our Happyfresh clone supports vendors to set up their complete store details such as store name, location, contact number, email address in the Happyfresh clone app. The most important attributes of the Happyfresh clone app for vendor app is listed below

  • Easy profile setup
  • Manage items
  • Schedule delivery
  • Manage category
  • Store availability status
  • Manage orders
  • Accept / reject the order

Happyfresh Clone App For Delivery Staff - Mobile App

The delivery staff can register or login to the Happyfresh clone app by using their credentials. The delivery staff receives an incoming order request once the customer places an order from their end. The delivery staff either accepts or rejects the order. The delivery staff access the optimal routes to find the shortest distance and locate the customers location easily with the help of the live tracker. The salient features of the Happyfresh clone apps for delivery staff is listed below

  • Login
  • Manage orders
  • Accept / reject
  • Access to optimal routes
  • Pickup location tracker
  • Delivery history
  • Feedbacks
Online grocery delivery app

Why Choose A Happyfresh Clone App From Us?

100% customizable app

Our Happyfresh clone is highly customizable so that the features and functionalities can be added according to your business needs.

Full source code

We will provide our full support after the delivery of the Happyfresh clone project and assistance anytime. Do not worry we won't leave you as such even after your app has been launched.

White label solutions

Our Happyfresh clone app comes along with white labelled solutions and personalized attributes.

Multi Language support

Our Happyfresh clone app supports multiple languages. So we can multiple language as per your needs.

User friendly system

The Happyfresh clone app is designed in a user friendly and simplified manner in order to enhance the user experience.

Support and maintenance

Our technical support team is available anytime to provide their complete support and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions avout HappyFresh Clone?

Will you provide white labelled solution in your Happyfresh clone app?

Yes, we do provide customized features and functionalities in our Happyfresh clone app that can integrated according to your business requirements.

Yes, the Happyfresh clone app is highly customizable loaded with highly advanced features and functionalities.

You are the one and only owner of the source code. We only host the application on the server side.

We will provide our full support and assistance anytime. Do not worry we won't leave you as such even after your app has been launched.

There is no such specific date. The development of Happyfresh clone process completely depends upon the features and functionalities.

Yes we can integrate multiple payment options such as credit / debit card or UPI payment etc according to your business needs in our Happyfresh clone app.

We will assist you in launching the Happfresh clone app in google play store, apple play store and also in your company’s server.

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